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Discrete Fracture Network

Rock masses contain discontinuities such as cracks, joints, shears and faults, resulting in discrete fracture networks (DFNs). The rock mass strength and deformation behavior are controlled by the geometry and surface conditions of these fracture networks. Hence, the fracture network geometry and surface conditions have significant impact on rock fragmentation, and excavated slope stability and remediation. In addition, the geometry and interconnectivity of a fracture network can influence mineral deposition, groundwater flow and contaminant mobility.

Our expert team uses the DFN modelling software tool “MoFrac”, developed at MIRARCO Mining Innovation to generate realistic and plausible fracture network models. We are currently using DFN case studies to investigate:

i) blast fragmentation optimization;
ii) slope stability and remediation analysis; and
iii) fracture controlled reserve estimation and exploitation assessment.